In Memorian

Alexander “Sandy” Taylor was the co-founder of Curbstone Press, an award-winning press known for publishing books with a social conscience.  I was thrilled, when, about five years ago, Sandy sent me an email offering to publish my short story collection, River of Dolls.  We exchanged email about this book over the past few years.  I hadn’t signed a contract yet but I checked in with him every now and then.  There were some delays due to fundraising and other issues, I gathered, but in his last email to me, he wrote that we would soon decide which of my stories to include.  More time passed.  Being preoccupied with the other two books I had coming out this year, I didn’t worry about the matter too much.  But then, at the end of December, Sandy suffered a stroke and died.  These things happen.

I regret that Sandy will not be publishing my short story collection.  I could tell, from my limited contact with him via email and Facebook, that he was passionate about literature.  All of the authors who worked with him sing his praises.  And  on my shelf, I have many books that he published – evidence of his great eye and his enthusiasm.

Rest in peace, Sandy. 

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