We, Wii, Oui

Yesterday my son’s friend came over.  I told his mother that after the boys finished their homework, they could play with the Wii.  “What’s a Wii?” she asked.  Ah.  Blissful ignorance.

Our house is turning into a den of inequity.  It’s the place where my friends’  organically fed kids get brownies made from a box, and are exposed to Nintendo DS and Wii and other pernicious electronic games.  We’re actually trying to steer our twins to more wholesome activities (Webkinz WITHOUT the video games, the activities found in The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Daring Book for Girls).  In fact, yesterday the boys went out to play baseball in the rarely traveled street in front of our house.  But then my mother-in-law came out and started fretting that they got in the way of the  neighbors who came by (rarely!!) on their bicycles and that it was dangerous (even though I was there, supervising and there were NO cars), etc. etc., so the kids wound up going back into the house, back to the Wii.  We didn’t buy the Wii ourselves. Someone gave to to my husband as an end of the year gift.  And while I continue to believe that “real” baseball is better than the virtual version, Wii has its good points.  Even Lilia could get a strike during Wii bowling, and I hear that my 91-year-old grandfather has been playing Wii sports at his retirement complex.  So, for the moment, I say “oui” to the Wii.


9 thoughts on “We, Wii, Oui

  1. Wee! The print on the blog is bigger but I can barely read what I’m writing here. ANYWAY, I could swear our mother-in-laws are clones. Anything negative and detracting is a good thing. Just so you know, the time for revenge will come… one little doddering moment and that’s it!

  2. Hi Susan!

    I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you I stopped by my local library here in Saitama-shi today and had them order a copy of Losing Kei. I can’t wait to read it! I hope others will enjoy it too! Have a great week! Kim

  3. Organically-fed kids? Never heard of Wii? ‘Fess up, in 21st century Japan this Mom is either a fictional character or a foreigner!! (Am I right..???)

  4. we had a Wii party in my class room (after hours) but my former student interns will never play smarty pants trivia with me ever again!! At one point, I had more than three times more points than any of them. I loved the bowling!! And MARIO!

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