For the Record

Yesterday evening I found my husband inebriated* at the kitchen table.  “You wrote negative things about Japan in your novel,” he said.  “And everyone is going to think that the husband in the novel is me.”

So, for the record, Yusuke, the ex-husband in Losing Kei should not be confused with Yoshi, my actual current husband.  Yoshi is not an art dealer.  In fact, he once fell asleep  in an art gallery on one of our dates.  Yoshi does not have a beard.  Well, at least not usually.  Yoshi does not run a construction company.  He does not come home at 11PM.  He loves our children and has a good relationship with them.  He does not consort with gangsters.  Okay?

*For the record, he was not drinking heavily because of my novel.  He’s tired and jet-lagged and just one beer made him a bit punchy. 

8 thoughts on “For the Record

  1. Tell Yoshi that none of us thinks he is the father in the novel and that we enjoyed seeing him again! I’ll e-mail you a longer note later, but I haven’t read the book yet because I’m saving it for a weekend mountain retreat the church does called “Tired Mothers retreat”. Ha! I’m going alone to hike, read, and drink wine spo-dee-oh-dee.

    Peace- Tracey

  2. Oh, that’s so hard. I imagine all family members of fiction writers worry about this, no? It takes grace and understanding to be married to writer, so he deserves a little round of applause.

  3. Hi Suzanne,

    Is there any way to get the print bigger on this blog? My old lady eyes…

    I am intrigued by this matter. I’ve always considered my mother-in-low to be excellent fuel for fiction (although the truth is ever so much stranger), but have never taken it up exactly because I could foresee a scene like this. On the other hand, my husband can rarely be bothered to read what I’ve written, so why not? He’s a lovely man and we get along well, but being entangled in each other’s personal lives seems like plenty without the professional business, too. Well, you can tell Yoshi it was about MY husband and I’ll tell mine that any future m-i-l episodes are about YOURS. Gunma is a long way from where you are, there’s a good chance they’ll never meet up in Tokyo Station.

    Loved “my actual, current husband.” One of my best friends calls her actual, current husband “that man who claims to be my husband,” which I like as well.

  4. I just finished reading Losing Kei, Suzanne, and LOVED it. It was a total page turner (I will be writing more on my blog soon). I get that the fictional husband is not your actual, current husband (ha) but isn’t there a smidge of your actual, current MIL in the fictional MIL? 🙂

  5. What a relief, Susan. After reading that you didn’t like The Time Traveler’s Wife (I’m one of those people that loved it), I was worried that you wouldn’t like Losing Kei. I’m so happy that you liked it! And yes, I suppose that my actual current MIL does share some traits with Yamashiro-san.;-)

  6. Oh goodness I still have not started your book. I am waiting for a day when I have nothing to do but curl up with a cup of tea and read … it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen for at least ten years though. I will take your book to my room tonight! I’ll bear in mind that the husband is not your real one.

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