Little Ninjas

My short story “Little Ninjas” can now be read here.


6 thoughts on “Little Ninjas

  1. Thanks for the enjoyable read! My son has been obsessively making origami shuriken (the so-called death stars?) these past few months…

  2. I just finished “Losing Kei” — congratulations on a wonderful novel! The book arrived from Amazon just 24 hours ago and even with a 3-year-old and 8-week-old in tow I managed to read it quickly (there’s something to be said for late night reading!). I found it to be very compelling, touching and surprising. When…well, I won’t write something that would be a “spoiler” here, but let’s just say I was surprised by the end and very relieved with the epilogue. 🙂 Again, congratulations! I’m curious how long it took you to write it?

  3. Thank you so much, Liz! It’s a short book, but it took me about three years to write it because my kids were small.

    And thanks Jean and Christelle for reading my story!

  4. Three years is encouraging, actually…it took my dad 10 years to write his second novel (without two small children in tow). I definitely wasn’t implying that my quick read meant it must have been quick to write. Again, congratulations on a fine piece of writing!

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