The Forgetful Tooth Fairy

I tend to freak out whenever Lilia loses a tooth.  When she was about three, she fell down the stairs and knocked a couple teeth out, and then bumped her mouth a couple more times and knocked out a couple more teeth.  Then, when her front teeth came in, she chipped a tooth and had to get it capped.  So yesterday, when she indicated that one of her lower teeth was loose, I told her not to touch it.  But Lilia loves fairies, and she loves putting her tooth under the pillow and finding a shiny coin in its place the morning. 

Yesterday evening, I was upstairs packing for tomorrow’s trip to South Carolina.  I came down to find my baby girl spitting blood.  She’d apparently yanked the tooth out.  I sopped up the blood, and then at bedtime we put the tooth under her pillow and…the tooth fairy forgot to leave a coin!  Needless to say, Lilia was shocked and disappointed to find the tooth still there.  Maybe the tooth fairy will come while she’s at school…


5 thoughts on “The Forgetful Tooth Fairy

  1. I’ve done that before and I blame it on Daddy. “Oh man. Rats. Daddy coming home so late. . . he must have come home around the time the Tooth Fairy was here. Probably scared her off. She’s extremely shy you know.” LOL.

    Also DD#1 LOVES geting cash for teeth and I actually have worried on more than one occassion that she may be wresting out an adult tooth in an effort to collect. . . .


  2. I worry that they are yanking adult teeth for the money, too. I’m still wondering if that tooth was really supposed to come out. Kids, stay away from those pliers!

  3. Guilty over here as well! The first time it was just after we had read ‘Franklin loses a tooth’ and in it Franklin had written a letter to the tooth fairy. So I was able to say, ‘well, did you write a letter? You didn’t?? That’s why then.’ And then the day after that the letter did get written and money appeared under the pillow. All’s well that ends well, until my son discovered the letter downstairs in the tatami room… ‘Ah, I guess the TF dropped it here on her way out…’ 😉

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