an interview with me

Nay sent me these interview questions: 

1) Do you use your own personal experiences when writing your books?
Yes, definitely.  Probably at least half of what I write is inspired by something that happened within my family.
2) When you married your husband, did you marry in Japan or your hometown, and why?
We had our wedding in Hawaii, which is about halfway between South Carolina, where I’m most recently from, and Japan.  We thought that was fair, and we wanted to go to Hawaii! 

3) Are you raising your children to be bilingual, and if so, how are you doing it?
Yes.  My daughter is deaf, so we are trying to raise her in Japanese Sign Language and Japanese.  I’ve been speaking to my son exclusively in English since he was born.  My husband only spoke English to him for the first three years of his life.  After he started pre-school, he quickly mastered Japanese, and now he prefers to speak to his father in Japanese.  I think it gets harder and harder to keep up the English once kids get into school.  Luckily for us, there is a private elementary school near our house with an Engish immersion program.  We’re sending him there.

4) What is your favourite place in Japan and why?
I like Hokkaido because there are lots of wide open spaces.

5) If you had the chance to relocate (with your family) anywhere in the world, where would you go?
The West Coast of the United States or Hawaii – someplace multicultural where we’d all fit in.  And someplace with good facilities for my daughter.

(And now, if you’d like me to interview you for your blog, send me a note and I’ll send you five questions.)


3 thoughts on “an interview with me

  1. can i interview YOU for my blog? i haven’t read LOSING KEI yet (but I’ve ordered it!) so the questions will be very basic and mostly about writing as a craft, because there are several women reading Pinwheels who are beginning writers…

    Let me know? It’s a crazy time of year and we could put it off a bit, too, if that would be better.

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