From reading my blog, you might think that Gaijin Mama and Japanese Papa never go out together as a couple — and you’d be right!  Last night we almost had a date.  It was sort of not a date because his sister went with us. 

A couple of weeks ago, I had a look at the local newspaper and saw an advertisement for a performance of  “Evita.”  I saw this musical on a field trip to Chicago when I was in high school and I loved it.  I didn’t remember much beyond the bare bones of the story, but I sometimes go around singing, “Don’t cry for me Argentina…”

Yoshi managed to get tickets and we got his mother to babysit.  Our seats were – get this – folding chairs up against the back wall, in the very last row.  It was so far away, that even with my glasses, I couldn’t see the actors’ faces, which actually made it easier to imagine that they were really South American, and not Japanese.  Of course the libretto had been translated into Japanese, and I couldn’t understand everything, but it was still spectacular and moving.

The audience was full of women.  “Of course,” Yoshi said.  “Musicals are a women’s thing.”  See what I mean?


3 thoughts on “Evita!

  1. This is a small holiday gift for me — finding your new blog site. I’ve been checking back to your eblogger regularly and was disappointed that you hadn’t posted in months. Then I saw your comment to another reader about your new locale. Yippeee!!! Happy Holidays, Gaijin Mama!

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