Gender Benders

This may be the land of ladyboys, but ideas about gender are otherwise firmly entrenched.  At least here in the boondocks.  The notion of girls with trains or boys with dolls is pretty far out.  So I’m always glad when Jio shows an interest in so-called feminine things.  Today, for example, Lilia checked out a bio in manga form of the famous feminist Japanese poet Yosano Akiko.  I suggested the book, and Lilia went for it because of the kimono on the cover.  It’s all about the clothes, you see. Anyway, as soon as Jio saw the book, he picked it up and read it all the way through.  I showed him a book that I have in English about Yosano Akiko and he had a look at it.  And then, very cautiously, I asked, “Was the book interesting?”  And to my great joy, he said “yes.”


One thought on “Gender Benders

  1. Oh, that’s cool.

    I love Yosano Akiko. I’m very proud that I once authored a thumbnail biography of her grandson when he got a cabinet post and managed to slip in a couple of lines from “Midaregami:” “To punish men for their endless sins/God gave me/This fair skin/This long black hair.” In a Reuters story!!

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