To give you an example of how unnsupportive many Japanese can be of local foreign writers, here’s a little anecdote.
Yesterday morning I stopped by the Tokushima Prefecture Library to return an overdue book. While I was there, I filled out one of those book request forms, requesting my novel Losing Kei.  I figured the library has a budget for English-language books, but they don’t really know what to buy, and since I am a longtime resident and a library patron, and since my novel will likely be of interest to other Tokushima expat residents, they ought to have the book in their collection.  For the record, I have requested many books in the past – books which had no local relevance – and they have always purchased them.  I have also donated many of the hardcover books that appear on the shelves.
Well.  This evening, I got a phone call from the librarian I handed the form to.  She asked if I ha requested my own book.  I said yes.  And being a cup is half-full type of person, I thought that maybe she would congratulate me or (ha ha) ask me to speak at the library.
Here’s what she said:  “The request forms are for books that you want to read.  Since you are the author of this book, it’s obvious that you’ve already read it.  I will be cancelling the request.”
I thought of arguing for its place in the library, but I clearly did not follow protocol and it seemed like a waste of breath.


5 thoughts on “Dissed!

  1. Consider her a cup half empty…that is beyond lame. I can’t believe she wasn’t calling to say, “Congrats!” Or, “Wow…we already would have requested this book had we known it was available.”

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