I am Famous

My son has always been blase about my writing and publishing, which I sort of thought was natural because I’ve been publishing since before he was born.  But a few years ago, when asked what I did, he said “nothing.”  I realized then that I should tell him more about my writing and my accomplishments.  I wanted him to have respect for the work that I do, and I wanted him to understand that I have my own passions.  In Japan, mothers are supposed to be totally devoted to their children and have no interests of their own, but I don’t want my kids to think like that.

So anyway, I’ve been talking to my son about my books and what I’ve been doing to promote them.  He hasn’t seemed terribly interested or impressed.  (Lilia, on the other hand, is quite thrilled!)  But last night, he had to write sentences for Japanese.  One of his sentences was “Boku no okaasan wa yumei da,” which means, “My mother is famous.”  It’s not quite true, but I realized that maybe he is just a little bit proud of me and aware of what I’m doing.  At least it’s a step above “My mother does nothing.”

2 thoughts on “I am Famous

  1. Ha! You live in Japan, where mothers’ lives are devoted to their children, and I live the expat life, where the vast majority of mothers have followed their husband to an assigned country, and often had to put their careers on hold – when they had one. If you ask my daughter what I do, she’ll tell you that I spend too much time at the computer and she can’t play Dora games 🙂 I went to read one of my manuscripts to her class, once. But does she clearly understant what I do? I doubt it, even though she’s seen my name – translation by – inside the cover of books. I think seing it ON the cover of the coming picture book may feel different, and not only for me. We’ll see.

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