Cell phone etiquette

Today I read this in Shelf Awareness, a newsletter for booksellers:

 For international perspective, Sarah Knight of the Northshire Bookstore, Manchester, Vt., has just returned from Tokyo, “where it is considered extremely rude to talk on a cell phone in public (text messaging is of course done and is okay). The few people I did see talking on phones would first walk down an alley and use the phone there and only briefly.”

Apparently people are more polite in Tokyo, then, because in Tokushima people talk on their cell phones in public all the time. 

5 thoughts on “Cell phone etiquette

  1. Tokyoites are also apparently much more polite cell phone users than those in Osaka, Kagoshima, Hiroshima, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, Aomori, Iwate or Akita!


  2. I guess Nakatsu, Oita is quite like Tokyo. I kind of like to see the occasional person chatting away on their phone. The natural, relaxed behavior is refreshing in an environment where appearance is everything.(As long as they aren’t obnoxious and annoying about it, of course!)

  3. I see what she’s saying though (especially if she had been riding on trains where you see 100 people tapping away on phones and no one actually using them to talk and the constant admonishments in print and in recorded messages to put your phone into ‘manner’ (silent) mode).

  4. Well, our part of Saitama is close to Tokyo, but…We can hear entire cell phone conversations from people walking down our street in the evenings from our 4th floor window. Nearly everyone has one. But, text messaging is so popular. Restaurants and trains are quiet, however.

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