My last Post about Laundry (maybe)

There is this thing that my mother-in-law does with the laundry that drives me nuts.  When she takes the clothes down, she always turns them inside out.  For many weeks, I have furiously turned the clothes right side out before putting them away.  Finally, I asked my husband why she did that.  He said that it’s to keep the clothes from wrinkling.  If I was Martha Stewart or whatever, I’d be more conscientious about this sort of thing, but I’m not.  We have too many clothes and they’re crammed into drawers.  They will wrinkle no matter what. 

I find it frustrating that my mother-in-law is always creating needless work for herself.  She sometimes rearranges the laundry I’ve already hung out to dry.  I find it more frustrating that she has no activities, no passions, with which to occupy her time.  I have told her several times that I want to take care of my own laundry, but she always says that she has a lot of free time.  When she’s not hanging out my laundry, she’s in her little house, often in the dark, often sleeping.

I’m trying to be more mellow about the laundry.  I’ve decided that I will no longer turn my husband’s clothes right-side out, since he sees the logic in inside-out clothes anyway.   And I’ve also given up on the “no snacks right before dinner” rule.  Yesterday, in spite of dozens of protests on my part, my mother-in-law fed my children cookies and milk late in the afternoon.  I didn’t say a word.

4 thoughts on “My last Post about Laundry (maybe)

  1. hey suzanne–congrats on the book! or shall i say books!

    i would love a review copy and i would also like to interview you for my zine and


  2. It seems that as long as you find it ‘frustrating’, this won’t be your last post, and until your mother-in-law finds something more ‘meaningful’, neither will she. But then it is said that this is what relationships are all about… helping each other with our ‘laundry’ as in the dirty kind most often, as the clean sort never need washing/attention. The spirit blows in and out of our lives and what remains is only that which needs our attention/washing. And we each have so much of it to do until we don’t seem to have many clothes left.

    Something ‘zen’ perhaps?

  3. Laughing at Greg’s first comment and awaiting further ‘last words’!

    It’s good to let go. (Not that I’d know, but I read that somewhere… :))

    Wow – inside-out laundry. Does she put everything in nets, though? And I mean EVERYTHING. My MIL must spend 20 extra minutes zipping and unzipping all the individual bags she puts the laundry into. It’s the rationale that kills me — it’s so the stuff doesn’t get tangled up. But then you have a huge tangle of bags instead!

    Hope the book’s a big hit!

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