Blurbing for Beginners

Yesterday I got the latest issue of Poets & Writers magazine and discovered an essay about getting blurbs, which was kind of apropos.   My publisher told me that he was waiting for a blurb to put on the front cover of my novel before going to press.  I assumed that he’d sent the manuscript to lots of famous writers and was waiting for them to email words of praise.  On the backs of other books published by the same publisher there are such blurbs from Pulitzer Prize winners and writers that I admire like Lee Smith and Ann Beattie.  After reading the essay in Poets & Writers, I’m thinking that the authors of those books actually know the Pulitzer Prize winners and asked them directly for blurbs, and that my publisher was waiting for me to send him the blurbs.  Oops.  A little breakdown in communication there.  I suppose it seems to him as if I know what I’m doing, but I ‘m just making it all up as I go along. 

I did put a bunch of blurbs about my writing in general on my new website.  I should have gotten these people to blurb about Losing Kei.  Oh, well.  I did manage to procure one blurb, but the book is supposed to go to press right about now, so there’s no time to ask anyone else.

2 thoughts on “Blurbing for Beginners

  1. If I was a famous writer by now, like I wanted to be when you met me, I would write you a blurb… 😉
    Can’t wait to read your book!! I have it pre-ordered.

  2. the process is not very transparent, is it? i’ve heard all sorts of things. sometimes the publisher takes care of it, by sending the ms. to other authors who write for them; sometimes the author does it. and sometimes, well, it doesn’t get done. plenty of first books do not have blurbs; they all end up in the front cover of the 2nd book!

    so. you did great. the webstite looks terrific, too!

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