Dress Rehearsal

Today was the dress rehearsal for the deaf school’s culture festival.  The mothers usually sit it on it, as I did today. 

The junior high school students went to Hiroshima for their school trip.  They are doing a sort of skit, in which an atomic bomb goes off.  I always feel self-concious when the students make presentations on the atomic bombings.  I feel that everyone expects me to be apologetic.  The other day, I told my students that my purse was once stolen in Japan, and they apologized to me.  But I don’t want to apologize for the war.  I married a Japanese man.  Isn’t that enough?!


2 thoughts on “Dress Rehearsal

  1. I wonder if your husband knows you are making amends… after that princess story, it does seem rather poetic in a historical sense…. given how women have been used in such arrangements for so long. Though I do wonder who will make amends for all those ‘comfort women’? Perhaps it is always easier to forgive a stranger than a member of the family? Whose errors in judgement are quietly ignored until the lesson repeats for them all? As life seems all about getting our attention and ‘waking’ us up… until the Truth sets us free.

    Perhaps that atom bomb symbolizes not just a foreign aggressor from without, but a domestic aggressor within. As the mirror only reflects what it sees, and what it sees is only what we show of ourselves, willingly or not.

    Silence it seems is only quiet until it becomes a scream, or whatever is needed to get our attention and see our reflection. Perhaps disabilities are such a reflection for us all?

    Thinking out loud.

  2. I feel the same way now that I live in Germany with my German husband. Every January when the anniversary of the bombing of Magdeburg rolls around I feel sort of embarrassed and then I think “Hey! YOU’RE the ones who had the mad dictator!”.

    Conversely, when someone in Germany does something crazy, American friends come to me about it as though I’m somehow responsible or connected or that person’s craziness is rubbing off on me.

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