The Princess is Coming

Front page news here in Tokushima:  Princess Masako is coming tomorrow to attend the National Culture Festival.  I don’t have the details (though I’m sure my mother-in-law does), but I do know that Masako-sama doesn’t get out much, so it’s a pretty big deal.  The last time she was here, before she became unwell, she visited the School for the Deaf and the place where my daughter goes for physical and occupational therapy.  The deaf school teachers still tell of how they had to make the toilets sparkling clean in case her majesty deigned to use them (she didn’t).  All of this happened before Lilia started her weekly physical therapy sessions, so she didn’t get to meet the princess.  It’d be nice if she’d drop by this time, but it’s not gonna happen.  What I can expect instead: police at every corner, and probably a traffic jam.


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