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Reincarnation seems like a fairly obvious topic for a story, and yet, I can’t think of a single mainstream novel that takes past lives and their repercussions as its theme.  That is, except for M.J. Rose’s brand new thriller, The Reincarnationist.  Rose, who has brushed against some past lives herself, has crafted a taut mystery featuring Josh Ryder, a photojournalist who starts having “memory lurches” after he is nearly killed by a bomb blast in Rome.  Rose deftly introduces details of life in ancient Rome – including fascinating passages on the Vestal virgins – while Josh does his best to sort memory from delusion, and figure out who killed a professor during an archeological dig.

Earlier reviews have compared this book to The Time Traveler’s Wife and  The Da Vinci Code.  Although certain themes, such as that of love across dimensions, are superficially similar, The Reincarnationist is a thing unto itself.

M.J. Rose has made a name for herself as a master of  guerilla marketing, and the best-selling author of erotic thrillers.  With The Reincarnationist, she breaks new ground.  She may have even invented a new genre – the reincarnation novel. 


4 thoughts on “The Reincarnationist – MotherTalk blog tour

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  2. That’s most liking due to the fact that very few people ever experience memories of past lives without either achieving a high state of self-conscious awareness or ‘enlightenment’ or by having past/future life progression hypnotic therapy done on them…

    The only Bible reference I think is when Jesus the Christ(enlightened like the Buddha) refers to a someone who has ‘returned’ again… I’d have to look up the reference… but given the religious ‘training’ or programming in Western societies such thoughts towards reincarnation are deemed ‘taboo’ or ‘of the devil’…. all such Eastern style revering of the ancestors is a none starter and not even discussed in our ‘progressive’ civilization in which kidnapping and torture have become just means to the end… same as the Inquisition no doubt… perhaps they have reincarnated again?

  3. One chapter begins with an epigraph from the gnostic book of John alluding to reincarnation.

    Apparently, some neo-con types have obejcted to this book on religious grounds, but no one can deny that there are mysteries that can’t be explained by the Bible.

  4. Yes, but as most say, the problem is separating the wheat from the chaff… as the Bible is said to contain about 30% truth, not bad considering all those book burnings thru the eons… which causes us to either ‘go underground’ or start over and rediscover it all once again.

    As for those ‘gospels’, here’s a book review that could interest you… from Laura Knight-Jadczyk who seems to have taken Joseph Campbell’s understanding of myth, religions etc in reconstructing history from its archetypal formations/expressions.

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