Drama Queen

Could it be that I have found a way to get Lilia to do her homework???

Next month, the culture festival will be held at my daughter’s school.  As in years past, Lilia will be acting in a play.  I’m not sure what the play is this year, but I know that my daughter got one of two coveted rabbit parts.  Yesterday, she brought home her script with instructions to go over her lines.

At the best of times, homework can be a huge struggle, with Lilia throwing pencils and prints across the room.  She is wont to grab a comic book or commence drawing whenever I leave her side.  And she is not keen to “read.”  So I figured we’d go over the lines after she finished everything else.

Well, lo and behold, Lilia voluntarily grabbed her script and indicated that she wanted to practice.  When she didn’t understand something, she looked to me for interpretation.  And then, this morning, on the 60-minute ride to school, she took the script out of her satchel and went over the lines again on her own.   Normally, when I try to make the most of our commute by handing her a set of flashcards or something, she throws the cards back at me.

Before I thought Lilia’s future might be with animals, or clothes.  But now I’m thinking, lights, camera, action!


2 thoughts on “Drama Queen

  1. Goes to show, once more, that when we love… That said, there is something magical about the whole play, show, stage thing. My own kids love it, and when they are preparing a play at school, I can’t get them to bed at night, because they are forever rehearsing or mounting a play that they just have to show me 🙂 especially the big one, of course, but the little one is right there, no need to beg her.

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