Lilia’s New Friend

A new development at school:  Y.-kun, who is autistic and deaf,  has suddenly become interested in Lilia.  This is kind of exciting because, according to his mother, for the most part, Y.-kun isn’t interested in people or other living things.  Once, we were talking about animal therapy, and I wondered if she’d ever considered having him swim with dolphins or whatever.  She said that he wasn’t interested in animals, that he was only interested in animated characters.

For about a year, he was drawn to me, for whatever reason, and would often run up to me and hug me.  But when he became a first grader, and his classroom and school building changed, he no longer approached me.

A couple of weeks ago, he learned how to say, “Lilia.”  It’s kind of like “Ee-ee-a,” which is how she pronounces it herself.  At any rate, he now says it all the time!  And he’s been approaching her.   

Lilia is kind of freaked out about it, but I think it’s sweet.  He came running after us as we drove away after school.


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