Dieting in Japan

Over the summer, I put on a couple of kilos since it was too hot to exercise and we ate ice cream to cool off.  So now I’m trying to get rid of the extra baggage.  You’d think that losing weight would be fairly easy in Japan, what with all the tofu and fish and miso soup.  And yet, there is a constant influx of sweets.  I know enough to avoid the cookies and cakes at the supermarket, but every time someone drops by, if only for a few minutes, they bring sweets.  And every time a relative or friend of the family takes a trip, they bring over a souvenir of sweets.  In the past week, here are some of the things that have been brought to our house:  an extremely delicious chocolate orange, four slices of sweet potato pie, a box of sesame cheesecakes, maple-leaf shaped bean jams buns, and  a box of donuts from Mr. Donut.  There was also that cake that I made for my husband’s birthday.

Meanwhile, my husband, wants me to do Billy’s Boot Camp.  He presented me with the DVDs last week.  My husband, who is a P.E. teacher, couldn’t get past the first ten minutes before giving up in exhaustion.  Common sense dictates that I embark on an exercise regime that I can stick to.  I’ll try walking.


3 thoughts on “Dieting in Japan

  1. I hear ya! Our kitchen has more sweets and junk food than your average supermarket, none of which I have bought myself. And then I end up hiding them and eating 95% of them myself because a. I have no self-control b. I don’t want my husband to eat them because he’s seriously overweight c. I don’t want my son to eat them because he only seems to eat about 350 calories per day and I would prefer that those not all be from a cream-puff d. I don’t want my daughter to eat them because she seems to pack away about 4000 calories per day and that’s also a bit worrying…

    Good luck with the walking and weight loss in general — it’s TOUGH!!

  2. I hear you. I have been trying to lose weight but there are so many little snacky things. And I have to commute to work so I end up getting little snacks and pastries and cheese buns are the death of me.


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