The Noodle Man

One of the things that’s always charmed me about living in Japan is the variety of products sold door-to-door.  Years ago, a woman came to my apartment selling fresh strawberries, and another time a woman tried to sell me a bra.

Today, while we were in the middle of homework, a gentleman came by offering a free ramen sample.  He set up a portable stove in our genkan (entryway) and cooked the ramen right there.  We ate it, proclaimed it delicious, and then he took away the dishes.  There wasn’t even any pressure to buy more just then.  We said good-bye and went back to the homework.


3 thoughts on “The Noodle Man

  1. Okay. . . . how do I get the noodle guy to come to my door?

    (although if I just cared to part with a some yen and walk out into the street, we do have a ramen truck that goes through the neighborhood on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays!–gotta love those food trucks here too–looking forword to the yakiimo man coming soon!)

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