Fired Up

My eight-year-old daughter is now in training for a trip by wheelchair across Australia or some such thing.  She saw a documentary on TV last night about a Japanese woman who wheeled her way from western Australia to the eastern part of the country, part of which is comprised largely of desert.  At one point, there was a problem with the food and the adventurers had nothing but fly-studded bread to eat.  Lilia found all of this very inspiring and actually asked me to stretch her.  This morning I laid out a cute little camisole and skort for her, and she refused to put them on because she is in training.  She wants to wear P.E. clothes.  We’ll try to keep the feeling going through this afternoon’s physical therapy session.

I wonder what would happen if I let her watch Murderball.


3 thoughts on “Fired Up

  1. Not to rehash old blogs, but this reminded me of Harry Potter’s effect on kids… as the common complaint before was that kids don’t read… and then along came those ‘little’ books.

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