The Difference Between U.S. Grandmas and Japanese Grandmas

Last summer, when we were staying in South Carolina with my parents, my mother couldn’t believe that my kids had to do homework during their summer vacation.  And she was also appalled by the amount of it.

Today, I left my kids with my mother-in-law for a couple of hours when I went to work.  I didn’t give her any directives, but while I was gone she told my son to do his homework!

(For the record, my son is almost done, and my daughter has about 50 or so more pages to go, plus the annual bank-making project.)


4 thoughts on “The Difference Between U.S. Grandmas and Japanese Grandmas

  1. bank making project?

    Well, it’s true I guess that country side schools are lax compared to city schools as DD1’s amount of summer homework is tiny compared to the pile they sent her home with in Osaka.

    I could kiss their piano teacher who has volunteered to help DD1 compose a “summer song” as her creative project requirement for the summer! I don’t have to put together/make anything this year!

  2. What? Don’t all kids in Japan have to make a bank during the summer??? We live in the country, by the way, not the big city, but the deaf school piles on the homework. I think the theory is that deaf kids forget things more easily than hearing kids, so they need lots and lots of review.

  3. We’re here in Canada for summer vacation right now. The daily homework routine still brings out the drama queen (king?) in my son, but things are going a little bit more smoothly than last year. I still remember last summer when my son was outside playing street hockey with a bunch of other kids and parents. Unthinkingly, the “Japanese Mama” in me opened up the door and yelled, ‘Time to come in and do your homework.’ Dead silence as everyone turned to look at the alien who had uttered such words.

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