Harry Potter…at last

My post about Harry Potter a few days ago seems to have conjured a sudden interest in the boy wizard chez nous.  Suddenly, the movies are no longer scary and my children want to watch every single one of them.  Suddenly, the books are not a wasteland of pictureless pages, but fascinating bedtime reading!  I’m reading in English and I have to stop about three times a page to explain a word or phrase, but my son has been exceptionally patient.  And although Lilia can’t read the books yet, she did draw her own graphic novel based on “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.”  If I could figure out how to upload images, I might show you an illustration or two…Anyway, I think all of this has more to do with my son’s friend’s interest in Harry (peer pressure) than in the recent media hype.  I, for one, am relieved.  It’s not because I feel that my children must read Harry Potter to fit in or whatever, it’s more that I was beginning to think that manga had ruined him for regular books.  Phew.


5 thoughts on “Harry Potter…at last

  1. My kids are into the movies and love to point anything wand like at one another and practice “Defense Against the Dark Arts” since seeing the newest movie a few weeks ago. But I realized just the other day that my 9 Year Old was calling “Malfoy”—-“MOUSEBoy”!

    Those little cultural slips! I mean, Malfoy doesn’t conjure any bad images or implications for her but MOUSE boy–ick.

  2. I’m wondering if your son’s new found enthusiasm is not so much peer pressure as peer excitement… which, like laughter, can be quite contagious… though the same can be said of fear as well… such as our emotions.

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