Physical Therapy Camp

Today Lilia and I attended Physical Therapy Camp at a school for the disabled.  It actually started two days ago, but there weren’t enough therapists, so we were asked to come starting today.  Of course we were late, which was embarrassing.

This is our first time.  I’d heard some rumors, like that the therapy sessions were conducted in the un-air-conditioned gymnasium (It’s about 30 degrees out there.) and that the mothers would be busy cleaning.  Oh, joy.  Happily, therapy took place in a cool room, but the second rumor turned out to be true.  I was told that I was on the laundry committee today.  Laundry?!  Apparently the parents are in charge of washing and hanging out the the therapists’ clothes.  There were just a few things to hang out, however, so we had to help sweep the hallways.  Which were very, very hot.  They don’t open the windows because bugs will come in.  They don’t do screens here for some reason.

Anyway, after sweeping, we had to quick, prepare trays of drinks for the therapists and our children, then it was on to a workshop where we parents learned how to properly stretch our children.  After that, we had a little break during which we practiced our skit, which I found out is “Mother’s Boot Camp.”  One mother pretends to be a sort of drill sargeant and takes us through ten minutes of intensive exercises – push-ups and stuff.  Did I say it was hot?  And then it was time for the mothers to prepare lunch.  The meal was followed by naptime/break time, and then there was a craft session, during which Lilia made a wind chime. She seemed to be having a really good time, and had already become attached to her therapist.  There was a third therapy session after crafts.

There’ll be more of the same tomorrow through Tuesday.

Jio didn’t want to go, so I let him stay here with his grandmother in the morning.  He went to a friend’s house after lunch.  I gave my mother-in-law something to warm up for Jio’s lunch.  He doesn’t take much looking after, and probably was just reading in his room or doing homework.  When we got home, however, my mother-in-law said that she was exhausted from having to climb the stairs to see what Jio was up to.  Funnily enough, she doesn’t seem to get exhausted by climbing up the stairs ten times a day to check up on me.


3 thoughts on “Physical Therapy Camp

  1. I’ve read your accounts of how the parents (is it always mothers?) have so much work to do at these facilities…. and I’ve seen those anime films in which the kids do at school… so different in social expectations from the USA…. but this new one seems like the parents should be paid. Am I correct in assuming that this reduces the cost of the facility? As it seems that otherwise, they would have to hire staff to do this work… and it does sound like work, not play for the parents. Perhaps they should bring in new parents or those newly engaged, so that they can get a better glimpse of their potential future? Or would that only push the declining birth rate even higher?

  2. I guess there is supposed to be some spiritual component to cleaning and working hard all the time. I don’t know. Japan doesn’t seem to be about having fun.

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