Summer Vacation

Today marks the beginning of Lilia’s summer vacation.  (My son still has a couple days to go.)  I got my daughter to do two pages of homework.  Only about 98 more pages to go.  Seriously.  I’m always somewhat bemused by the amount of homework the teachers load on during summer vacation, as if homework and vacation even belong in the same sentence!  She never manages to get it done.  Making her put a sticker on a chart every day after brushing her teeth gets a little tedious after week #1.  But this year, she has a shot at finishing the workbooks (about 50 pages each) because I have hired a tutor!  The tutor is a lovely young woman skilled at sign language with a teaching degree.  How perfect is that?!  I felt a little guilty at first, having lived among self-sacrificing Japanese mothers for such a long time, but at least I’m not sending my kids to cram school.


3 thoughts on “Summer Vacation

  1. The summer school load isn’t so bad here. No where near 100 pages. My first grader pretty much finished his already (I wanted it done before we leave for the US in another week).

    It’s the cram school mentality that is sending me off the deep end. Dh wants ds#1 who is in first grade to take the exam for private junior high. I didn’t want my kids going to cram school and I wanted to go home in the summers for a break. Dh has been working with all three boys since kindergarten with ds#1 getting the most focus since he’s first.

    Going home this summer caused a bit of a rift between dh and I. He points out that other kids my son’s age are in cram school all summer. You don’t have to like it but that’s the reality of the competition. I’m not crazy about all the studying my kids do all the time, but being unable to take off even 20 days is nuts. No child should have to spend their entire summer studying but that ‘s what a lot of fifth graders and sixth will do here in the Tokyo area.

    Sorry, you hit a hot button with this topic. I wish dh and I were on the same page and we aren’t. Thanks for listening. 🙂

  2. Just wanted to say that I feel your pain, Patrizia, not only with respect to the lunacy of cram school but also the difference in ideas between yourself and your husband regarding it all.

    The tutor sounds like a great idea, Gaijinmama!

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