Houston, We Have a Title!

I’m happy to report that we (meaning my editors at Beacon) have finally come up with a title for my anthology of literature on parenting disabled children.  My original title was However Green the Cup, which was taken from a the lines of poem by contributor John Morgan: …”what we hold too close our hands/may crush, however green that cup, however full.”  My editor said that her colleagues thought the title elicited a dirty glass with green scum, and also said that it was too cryptic.  My second choice title (which I never brought up because I realized no one would go for it) was It’s Sad to Be Poor and Living in Kansas, taken from a poem by Michele Battiste.  The real title is….drum roll, please….Love You to Pieces: Creative Writers on Raising Children with Special Needs.  I love this title because it is warm and fuzzy, like my mother said, but it also suggests something darker – loving something that’s in pieces, loving someone absoutely and desperately, loving someone in a way that breaks your heart. 

 I love the title, and I hope that readers love the book as much as I do when it comes out next spring.

3 thoughts on “Houston, We Have a Title!

  1. I love that title! I thought the same thing about the use of pieces in it. Very spot on and I would definitely pick up an anthology with such a title.


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