Mother’s Day, Schmother’s Day

So here is how I’ve spent my special day (ha ha ha): I nagged Lilia throughout the morning about her homework. Then we went to the mall, and Lilia kept wheeling away and disappearing, in spite of my talk about strangers. For the nearly the past eight years, the kid hasn’t been responsible for her own safety, and doesn’t know the importance of sticking close to Mommy in a crowded shopping center or of watching out for cars. At one point, while I was standing at a cash register, she took off out the door and went into the parking lot. Dangerous! We will have to have a talk about traffic safety, in addition to a reinforcement of the talk about strangers.

I’ve decided that I’m not cooking dinner, as it’s My Special Day. If we have go to McDonald’s or order pizza, then so be it.

This evening, my husband is taking his mother to see “Tokyo Tower,” an undoubtedly schmaltzy Japanese movie. I will be staying home with the kids. If I can get them to bed early enough, I’ll have a glass of wine and watch “Le Divorce” on DVD. (There is no hidden meaning in my viewing choice; I’m just in the mood for Paris.)


One thought on “Mother’s Day, Schmother’s Day

  1. It’s taken me two days since I read your post to calm down enough to comment. Let’s just say you weren’t the only one feeling underappreciated on Mother’s Day. Seems to be a Japanese husband thing… It did make me pick up the phone and call both my MIL and my own mother though, as I realized how easy it is to take mothers for granted and how crappy it feels to be on the receiving end of that.

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