Top Ten Short Stories

In response to Susan‘s post, here is my off-the-top-of-my-head list of my top ten favorite short stories:

“Gypsies in the Place of Pain” by Hollis Seamon
“People Like That Are the Only People Here” by Lorrie Moore
“The Age of Lead” by Margaret Atwood
“The Lives of the Saints” by Catherine Brady
“Come to Africa and Save Your Marriage” by Maria Thomas
“Story With Spiders” by Julio Cortazar
“Spaceships Have Landed” by Alice Munro
“How to Talk to a Hunter” by Pam Houston
“The Trail of Your Blood in the Snow” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
“Bestiary” by Julio Cortazar

What are your favorite short stories?


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Short Stories

  1. I’m very impressed that you could come up with such a list off the top of your head. I love short stories but rarely remember the details, let alone the title. (But then again you’re a writer and I’m not…) I often read Alice Munro stories over and over again — I love her warmth.

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