There is no joy Chez Kamata today. After winning the quarterfinal game, my husband’s team lost the semi-final. If they’d have won, they’d have been able to go to the All Shikoku tournament (not Koshien, as previously reported; you’d think I’d have that straight by now, having been a baseball widow for ten years or so). In this morning’s newspaper, there was a photo of the scene immediately after the game – the victors, running forward with their arms raised; the losers and their coach standing in the background, heads drooping. Yoshi felt that the photo constituted harrassment of him and his players. I thought, from a journalistic point of view, that it was a great photo that told the whole story, but I managed to sympathize with him.

In somewhat related news, I finally got my contributor’s copies of Skipping Stones, featuring my inspired-by-a-true-story story, “Baseball, Dad and Me.” It was written from my son’s point of view, about how his dad’s team lost the prefectural championship a couple years ago by one lousy run in the tenth inning. Interestingly, the illustrations are of a little girl playing baseball with her dad. Politically correct, yes, but the story was actually about Jio.


One thought on “Mudville

  1. Ah, sorry to hear that. So close but yet…

    In Koshien news, Shizuoka has made it to the final. They came back from a run down in the ninth so it was quite exciting. I loved the fact that the coach was a very smiley, positive-looking person. Don’t know if that’s just for the cameras, but it’s a nice change from the usual bully look.

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