Baseball Diaries Redux

We are well into the spring baseball tournament, the one that leads to Koshien. I haven’t been to any of my husband’s games, yet, because the stadium is not handicapped accessible and also because while my son loves hitting, kicking and throwing balls, he does not enjoy watching others do the same. Leave the kids with the mother-in-law you say! Well, she wants to go to the games, too, and does. So anyhow, Yoshi’s team won its second game today, which puts them in the quarterfinals on Friday. He was very pleased with his pitcher and the 7-1 score. Only thing is, his team is currently plagued by the flu. Three or four players are sick. This evening, he got a call saying that his pitcher, the one who pitched today, his ace, now has the flu. Oh, dear.


3 thoughts on “Baseball Diaries Redux

  1. Congrats to your husband’s team — that’s really awesome! My son’s life plan (as opposed to dream) is to become a baseball player (we keep stressing the importance of having a fallback plan, but he doesn’t seem to hear us! Oh well, no need to force reality shock therapy on a 7 year-old.) Anyway that means we’ve been watching a lot of the Koshien games this vacation. Shizuoka is not at all a baseball powerhouse, but Tokoha has also made it into the best 8, so that’s been kind of exciting. I hope our teams aren’t playing against each other tomorrow!

  2. I think that my husband would be jealous. My son only plays catch with his dad under duress. I think he’s rebelling in the same way that preacher’s kids sometimes go wild. Maybe if we leave him alone he’ll learn to love baseball.

  3. I think preachers’ kids ALWAYS go wild!

    Yes, I think nature plays a cruel trick on us as parents as we inevitably conjure up future scenarios for our kids, and nine times out of ten the child has quite different ideas.

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