She Crawls Away

I’m having some issues with my daughter’s crawling. On the one hand, I’m glad that she can get around speedily on all fours. It gives her some measure of independence. And she likes to be free. It took her something like three years to be able to crawl, so now, seeing her do it so well makes me kind of happy.

On the other hand, crawling lacks dignity. When children see her crawling, they say that she’s like a baby or a dog. That really bothers me. If she was hobbling along with a walker, they might find her courageous – or feel sorry for her – but crawling seems sort of deviant. Or maybe that’s just my bias. Maybe I am the one with the closed mind, with the prejudice for crawlers.

A couple of days ago, we were in a restaurant. Lilia decided that she had to go to the bathroom, and that she would go by herself. She got down from her chair and started crawling on the restaurant floor, past the other diners, toward the bathroom. She’s really fast! But I can’t help but think that crawling is not appropriate restaurant behavior.

There is also a hygiene problem. She crawls all over the place and then she sucks her thumb. (By the way, a hundred dollars to anyone who can give me an idea I haven’t tried for making her stop sucking her thumb!)


2 thoughts on “She Crawls Away

  1. When my nephew wouldn’t stop sucking his thumb they eventually bandaged it – with a thumb guard and gauze and tape until he got bored trying.

  2. Oh how I understand this post. And I don’t even have a thumb-sucker, so I don’t have the hygeine issue to support me. I just don’t like the crawling very much lately, for all the reasons you mention. And I feel bad for not liking it! There, I said it! Not liking the thing I was once so proud of…it’s complicated, isn’t it?

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