Losing Kei – The Cover!

So I finally found out when my novel will be published – January! – and I got a look at the cover. My publisher sent me some cover samples a couple of months ago and asked me to pick out what I liked. Most of the covers featured a photo of a woman smoking. I thought she looked desperate, like the woman in my book, and that the photo captured the mood of the story, but I worried that a lot of potential readers wouldn’t even give it a try because of the cigarette. (For the record, she quits smoking in the course of the novel.) Also, I asked my American sister-in-law to throw a book party for me, and I told her that I want there to be a cake of the book cover. I didn’t really think a smoking woman cake would be very appetizing! The cover that my family liked best featured a sweet little boy holding a pink paper heart behind his back. My woman friends and I thought it was very appealing, but I have to admit it was a little too treacly. The new cover – the one my publisher just sent – is perfect. It’ll look great on the cake and it’s not at all sappy. It perfectly conveys the tone and theme of the book. I will post it here when everything becomes a bit more official.

4 thoughts on “Losing Kei – The Cover!

  1. Well if you are (crazy) inclined to do Montana, I’ll throw you a party, too!

    Covers are very disconcerting, IMO. It’s terrific to have someone with the ability to reduce a story to a visual image…just don’t ask ME to do it.

    Glad you like the cover. Let me know about the big Montana fest? (And seriously, there’s a bookfest in the fall in Missoula, through the University of Montana at Missoula, I believe…)

  2. Hmm. I’ve never been to Montana, but I’d love to visit. When is your book coming out? Maybe we could do something together.

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