The Way Houdini Died

I have been a bit remiss in reminding you, Dear Reader, to check out the fiction at Literary Mama. You’ll be wanting to read Miriam Fried’s hilarious story, “The Way Houdini Died,” in which a mother and father have very different ideas about how to deal with their daughter’s bully.

Also, check out Rachel Elizabeth Cole’s heartfelt “Caring for Lily,” in which a mother tries to find the perfect daycare center for her baby, and dig back into the archives to read about an expat Finnish mama in Tua Laine’s “Au Pair in Alabama, or The Legend of the Dog-Killer.”


4 thoughts on “The Way Houdini Died

  1. Though I had some trouble following who was who in the story… this was classic:
    “Yeah, Ma,” said Martha, who was enduring her mother’s embrace as she had endured the red popsicle: with a grace born of suffering, Gandhi with bangs.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I receive the weekly email “notices” and will take time to look through what you’ve noted, too.

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