Mama at the Marathon

For some reason, Japanese educators think it’s a good idea for children to run around half-naked in the middle of winter. Thus, on Friday, my son had his school “marathon.” I showed up to cheer the kids on as they ran from their playground to a shrine down the street and back – about a kilometer. The mothers were sensibly dressed in long underwear and down jackets, but the kids wore just T-shirts and shorts on a day when snow was predicted. Several years ago the school was known for its hadaka marason – “naked marathon” – in which children ran in their underpants.

My daughter’s “marathon” was the week before. She did the course in a walker, and while wearing a track suit.

Happily, the kids were given warm drinks afterward.


3 thoughts on “Mama at the Marathon

  1. Hope both kids enjoyed their ‘marathons.’ It’s amazing how popular running is here. Personally I hate jogging so thank the stars that I didn’t have to go to school here. One of my biggest irritations about my son’s (public) school is the uniform — shorts all year round. It’s idiotic. Thank goodness it’s been a warm winter as the kid has absolutely no body fat to keep him warm otherwise.

  2. My son’s school uniform is shorts all year round, too. Every day I fret about his little bare legs. The junior high school kids at the same school get to wear long pants in winter. How fair is that?

  3. Mine’s school is also short pants all year. However, I send him to school in long pants when it is waaay to cold or when he is sniffling. I mean, yes, they might be warm runnng around outside but his school has no heating at all and the usually leave the windows open all year. *brrr*

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