When I was younger, up until I found out that my daughter was deaf, I listened to music a lot. I listened while I was cooking dinner or cleaning the house or just hanging out. But out of consideration for Lilia, I haven’t listened to music much over the past few years. When she first got her hearing aids (which she was always tearing out and throwing across the room), I tried to keep quiet for her. I wanted her to be able to use whatever residual hearing she had for spoken words. Everything else was just noise. She has a cochlear implant now, but it’s still difficult, if not impossible, for her to understand words spoken in a noisy room.

Happily, Yoshi got my an MP3 player for Christmas, so I’m listening to music more now. I’m remembering that certain songs make me happy and give me more energy, and help me get out of thinking-ruts. Also, being able to listen to music while walking encourages me to exercise more. I love walking past the sweet potato fields while Lloyd Cole and the Commotions segues into Snow Patrol segues into Tekameli segues into Neneh Cherry and so on. I hope someday that Lilia will get that kind of joy out of sound.


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