As you may recall, Jio and Lilia got DS Nintendo games for Christmas. We have limited DS use to one hour per day, after homework is done. During winter vacation, the kids were so eager to play, that they did their homework almost as soon as they woke up. Now that they’re back in school, they’ve been doing their homework as soon as they get home. Which is great. But Daddy has decided that the DS Nintendo is A LOT OF FUN. He comes home at around 7 or 8PM, eats dinner, and then picks up one of the kids’ games and plays till they go to bed. Instead of interacting with us, he sits there immersed in Mario, or the new “brain-training” software that he bought for himself to use on his children’s DSes. Which is not so good. Also, Jio and Lilia start hovering and hanging over his shoulder, watching the action on the tiny screen as Dad plays. I can leave the room for an hour or more and no one misses me. Hopefully, this is all just a phase. Meanwhile, I’m sticking to novels.


4 thoughts on “Addicts

  1. I have discovered your blog through a link on my daughter’s blog. I am a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Virginia and I wondered if you were familiar with the web site . I enjoy reading your insightful comments on raising your children, and they remind me of the common experiences all parents (no matter nationality, wealth, health) share.

  2. Thanks, Helene! I am aware of and have visited it several times. It’s maintained by Karen Nakamura, author of DEAF IN JAPAN, right?

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