Today we decided to give bowling a try. Jio had seen it on TV and thought it looked fun. Yoshi thought that taking Lilia would be exhausting, but I thought we needed to at least try to let her experience bowling. So we went to the noisy, smoky bowling alley. It was very crowded – lots of 20-year-olds decked out in suits or kimono (well, one young woman), who’d obviously been at some official Coming of Age event. (Coming of Age Day is tomorrow.) We had to wait 40 minutes for a lane. Finally, we got settled in. We had gutter guards put up, otherwise the kids would have been in tears every time the ball went off track. Thanks to the guards, Jio’s ball ricocheted a few times and he got a strike. Me, too. I wound up beating my husband at a sport for the first time ever. Lilia tried getting the ball down the lane in various ways. She tried pushing it while on her knees, but the ball moved so slowly I was afraid it would stop mid-way. Yoshi helped her a few times. She came away thinking that she’d won because she and her dad got a spare at the end. I didn’t have the heart to set her straight.


4 thoughts on “Bowling

  1. Here in the States, the alleys have a metal ramp contraption that allows older people, little children and wheelchair bound people to bowl easily. It’s basically two tubular metal poles that start about waist-high and gently slope toward the floor, so even a light push gains enough momentum to roll fairly well down the lane. I wonder if they have anything like that at your alley??

  2. I just read your story, “Souvenirs” online at Kudzu. I enjoyed it a lot. When I tried to find out more about Kudzu it looks like the ezine might no longer be in “publication”. Is that the case? Again — great story!

  3. We’ll have to try bowling in the States next time we’re there. Japan is way, way, way behind when it comes to accessibility. We went to two bowling alleys, and the first one was on the second floor. There was no elevator, of course, so we had to carry our daughter and her stroller up the stairs. It was too crowded, so we went to the second bowling alley. I know Lilia would have had a better time if there’d been that contraption you speak of.

    And Liz, thanks so much for looking up my work online! And for enjoying it! I don’t think that Kudzu is around any more, but I’m glad the story is still available.

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