Homework Hell

We’re not doing so well with the homework. In order to get everything done, I calculated that Lilia would have to do at least three prints per day, one each of math, kanji, and Japanese. I didn’t make her do any homework on Christmas or New Year’s and maybe one other day. With only four days left of winter vacation, she still has ten pages of math to go, as well as about five or six pages each of Japanese and kanji. We were also supposed to do three sets of flashcards – addition, subtraction, fingerspelling about twenty words – every day, and I’m sad to say that at most we’ve managed one set of flashcards per day. We are on a major backslide here. Oh, and she had three or four charts to fill out, after brushing her teeth, helping out around the house, doing the flashcards, etc, as well as a daily diary and five days’ worth of picture diaries. Also, a chart for her winter vacation reading including titles and her feelings about the book. On the plus side, we’ve been reading lots of books, something that we don’t always seem to have time for when the usual homework eats up our evenings.


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