Hear the Bells?

A couple of months ago, Lilia’s physical therapist at school told me about a monthly group therapy session at a nearby school for the disabled. He encouraged me to bring Lilia. I figure Lilia can use all the physical therapy she can get, so I signed her up. I also figured that this would be sort of a no-strings-attached activity, like going to Hinomine, the other place where she has therapy, but no. There is a mother’s group and they suggested performing a song on handbells. At this first meeting, “Silent Night” was rejected as a possibility because it’s “too easy.” Another mother said that the children would be more delighted by a lively song. Never mind that at least two of the kids are deaf. Anyway, yesterday was our big rehearsal. As it turned out, half the kids were sick, some in the hospital, so their mothers weren’t there to rehearse. We wound up going with “Silent Night.” I took piano lessons as a kid, so I know what middle C looks like on a sheet of music, but all the other mothers learned “do re mi.” I’m supposed to hit the “re” notes. Whatever that means.


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