A Visit to the Doctor

This morning we had a meeting with Dr. T., the professor and audiologist who is overseeing Lilia’s progress with the cochlear implant. He was in town for some sort of cochlear implant confab,and wanted to meet up with Lilia before he got on the bus that would take him back to the other side of the island. Instead of my leisurely cup of coffee, I got everybody dressed and in the car by 8AM. We found the professor in the lobby of the hotel. Someone from the confab pointed out that he wasn’t wearing shoes. I really liked it that he was down there in his stocking feet. I’m always pleased to find eccentricity in this country where everyone is under pressure to conform. Anyway, he said that his shoes were up in his room, and then this woman asked where Lilia’s mother was. I was standing right there! I know she doesn’t look much like me, but it’s always a bit disconcerting to hear something like that. After the others had gone, we settled into the more or less vacant lobby, which resembled a large living room. The monkeys went wild. Dr. T. started setting up his laptop in order to check something on Lilia’s speech processor, and Lilia crawled away and hid under a chair. I guess she thought it was going to be noisy and unpleasant. I finally dragged her out, the test was completed, and we said our good-byes to the doctor. Ordinarily, I would have been mortified by my daughter’s behavior, but there was no one around and the doctor was very understanding.


One thought on “A Visit to the Doctor

  1. Interesting encounter — sounds like something out of a screenplay! Hope things are going well with your daughter’s implant. 🙂

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