Culture Mama

So here’s what I did today. I helped carry heavy tables from the fourth floor of the Deaf School, which I may have mentioned does not have an elevator, to the first floor. I did this in preparation for tomorrow’s Culture Festival. I signed up for the P.T.A. Culture Committee because, to me, culture is books and music and ballet, things that I love. My duties, however, as committee member, are to work in the udon tent. I don’t really know how to prepare udon noodles, but that’s my job. Today we set up tents, washed all of the pots and cooking implements, and hauled those tables around. We had them all lined up, and then a teacher came by and said, “You can’t use those tables. Put them back.” So we had to carry the heavy tables back up the four flights of stairs.

Meanwhile, Lilia was helping to clean the school and practicing her one line in the elementary school production of “Ali Baba,” in which no one is beheaded and no one gets boiled in hot oil. As of this writing, homegirl is most looking forward to selling coffee from the drink booth.


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