The Teahouse Fire

My review of The Teahouse Fire now appears at Japan Visitor, although the book won’t officially be in print until December. I predict that this novel will be huge. I think it’ll be the next Memoirs of a Geisha. I’m sure that movie rights have been snapped up already. I imagine Gong Li in a leading role, and Japanese audiences rejecting the film because a Chinese actor is portraying a Japanese woman, although they can accept Liam Neeson, an Irishman, playing a German (Schindler) or Charize Theron (a South African) on screen as an American. Anyway, I see this as a major book, a major film, and maybe it’ll even set off a tea ceremony boom. In which case, I’ll have to dust off my bamboo tea whisk.


One thought on “The Teahouse Fire

  1. My, this really does sound good. I will have to check it out! Always thrilled to have a new book to look forward to, thanks Gaijin Mama!

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