Dr. Jazz

A few things Lilia’s teacher should know about her:

1. She doesn’t like school.
2. She likes going to the doctor. (Even if she has a just a hangnail, she starts signing that she wants to go to the hospital.)
3. She’s a good actress.

Nevertheless, the teachers at the deaf school remember the days when a runny nose would put Lilia in the ICU, and they want her to be healthy for the all important Culture Festival this coming Sunday. So, this morning I brought the kid to school with a cough and a runny nose, and an hour later, the teacher called me and told me to come pick her up because she had a fever. When I got there, the teacher said her temperature was 37, which in my opinion, isn’t a big deal. She seemed tired, which isn’t surprising since she was doing homework* till 9PM last night and had a hard time getting to sleep after that. But I took her to the doctor anyway, because I figured she could do with some cough medicine. By the time we got there, her temperature was perfectly normal and she was wriggling all over the place.

We got some meds, and I got the story behind the grand piano in the waiting room. See, actually the good doctor is a jazz pianist. and at the end of every year he has a party at his hospital and invites all his patients to come hear him play. I told Yoshi that I’m definitely going if we get an invite.

Oh, and the good news about today is that Lilia doesn’t have any homework.

*this involves much staring into space and sharpening of pencils, which is why it takes such a long time


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