The Dinner Party

Last week my mother-in-law was feeling neglected and unappreciated and said that she wanted to move out on her own. It probably had something to do with my not wanting her to bring drinks to my friends, and to my irritation when she started not only taking down my laundry but redoing it. Anyway, in an effort to mend family relations, my husband suggested a weekly “dinner party,” to be held on Tuesday, my work day. Yoshi will come home early on that day, and my mother-in-law and I will take turns cooking. She got to go first. The night before she asked Jio (the boy!)what he wanted to eat. In restaurants, he adores tempura fried shrimp, so she suggested that and he said “yes.” Well. She apparently went to several different grocery stores in search of the perfect shrimp and then knocked herself out putting together a fabulous dinner. Everything looked very pretty and was delicious. And of course, Jio wouldn’t eat the shrimp.


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