A Small Victory

I’m always going on about homework here, I know, but today something wonderful happened. Lilia corrected my Japanese! She has to write a picture diary every day, meaning a picture of something that happened during the day and a few sentences about it (who, what, when, and where). Usually, I ask her via sign language what her picture is about, and then write out a sentence for her to copy and learn. Today’s was “Today at home, I did homework. Math and kanji were interesting.” (Sometimes she is totally uninspired.)I spelled math (in Japanese) incorrectly and Lilia fixed it and told me to remember! I was so happy, I was ready to uncork a bottle of champagne.

Also, last Friday, her teacher told me not to help her with math any more because Lilia tends to turn off her little brain and wait for me to more or less feed her the answers. Yesterday, I didn’t help her at all. She did an entire print by herself and got only one of eight wrong. Today she did just about as well. So now she can do at least part of her homework by herself – a big step

Now if we could only get those kids to stay in their own beds all night long instaed of crawling into the Mommy and Daddy bed…


2 thoughts on “A Small Victory

  1. Ah, the Mommy and Daddy bed. We face that dilemma, too, in our house. My son is only 2.5 years old and while part of me often longs to sleep without him sandwiched between us in our bed, I also find that it’s quite comforting to have him so near us. This weekend we are planning to buy a bigger bed — the full size is getting too cozy. I know it’s avoiding the issue of getting him into his own bed — oh well!

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