The Spelling Test

I’m feeling a big depressed after having had a look at my son’s latest English spelling test. He’s the only kid with native speaker proficiency in his class,and yet he only got one out of ten words correct – “up.” Some words he spelled incorrectly: “down,” “small,” “in.” Same story with his first ever spelling test. I don’t get it. I’ve been reading English books to the kid since birth, and I’ve been pointing at the words as I read along for the past three. He loves stories, loves books, and yet he has never tried to read an English book on his own. I’m beginning to think he might have some sort of learning disability…


5 thoughts on “The Spelling Test

  1. Oh, man. I can relate!! My 12 year old is in 7th grade and she is a horrible speller. (well, the thing is she does WELL on spelling tests, but then when she actually writes things, she can’t remember the simplest words)

    Last year she took a phone message for me and wrote, “X is coming over to pick id up.” ID? for IT??!? I went ballistic (internally).

    We’ve had her tested for learning disabilities and they have come up with NOTHING except “she just doesn’t feel like it.” AGHHH! This is particularly galling for a parent who is a writer.

  2. I’m sorry. It’s so hard when we are probably far too attuned to these differences in our kids. How is his spelling in japanese?

  3. Wonderful to hear that he loves stories and books. That’ll keep you two a lot closer and give him far more satisfying moments in life than being a top-notch speller ever would.

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