I can’t say that I approve of tying up one’s eight-year-old son and kicking him in the head as a means of consciousness-raising, but the idea of disabled wrestling is interesting.


4 thoughts on “Doglegs

  1. I find this incredibly disturbing. A cross-dressing father kicks his tied-up eight year-old son in the head repeatedly during 3 three-minute bouts with a huge crowd watching. What’s wrong with this picture?

  2. I know! The kid was crying! It sounds like child abuse to me. You’d think someone would call Social Services or something.

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  4. “We want to give people a nasty aftertaste” — well, they have definitely achieved their goal in my case. This is really, really disturbing. I think of my own son who is only two years old and can’t IMAGINE sitting there watching and cheering for him and my husband battling it out on a stage while my son is tied up.

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