Win a Free Book!

If you have a kid in the house who likes to read, he/she can win a free book (featuring my story “The Diver”) from Blooming Tree Press. All your child has to do is write a short essay (even a paragraph) on “What I Did on my Summer Vacation” and send it to Winners will get a copy of the anthology Summer Shorts, which is a collection of short stories about summer. The winning entries will also be read at the book launch party. Apparently this is open to kids anywhere in the world. For more details, have a look at editor Madeline Smoot’s blog.


2 thoughts on “Win a Free Book!

  1. Would you mind if I quoted your post on my blog? A few of my readers have kids and they might be happy to participate. Let me know.

  2. Yes, yes. The entire world. I like to think of myself as embracing the global market. Mostly though it was more about letting the kids and friends’ kids of expat authors get to enter.

    Thanks for helping spread the word.

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