Believe in the Dream

What’s worse, do you think? To be ahead the whole game and then lose 11-10 at the bottom of the 10th inning (like Yoshi’s team two years ago), or to be behind so far early on that you know by the sixth inning that the game is forever out of reach?

Things didn’t go well today. Kita High School’s players were tired after yesterday’s game, it was hot (over 30 degrees centigrade), they were nervous. They made lots of mistakes while Tokushima Shogyo’s team made very few. Tokusho was cool, poised. They showed a sense of entitlement. Their school makes it to Koshien all the time. The Kita Ko players didn’t play as if they thought they deserved to be there, although they did.

I propose a new logo for their next towel. Instead of “Reach for the Dream,” which implies a goal just out of one’s grasp, I think they should change it to “Believe in the Dream.” Clearly, Yoshi is a great coach, to have built this team from literally nothing and brought it to the finals two of the past three years, and his players have shown in past games that they are very talented.

The only good thing about the loss is that I won’t have to feel guilty about our trip to the States. It would have been a dilemma if I had to choose between watching my husband’s team at Koshien and visiting my family.


3 thoughts on “Believe in the Dream

  1. aw, that’s too bad. i was looking forward to saying, ‘i know the blog of the wife of the coach of that team!’ to my husband.

    better luck next year!!

  2. It’s difficult to say either is worse. Losing is losing is losing, Gertrude Stein.
    But probably the latter example: being down a lot from the beginning, not because the game is out of reach but becuase there’s a chance to win, but if you don’t win, at least you feel thoroughly beaten. Losing a close game is far more frustrating. You could’ve won and often those losses come down to one mistake, sometimes by one person, which is far worse for a team.

    I agree. Believe in the dream, or just BELIEVE. Win. Score. Outpitch, outhit, outlast.

    God, I love Baseball… 😉

    Trip to the states??

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