Baseball Diaries III

Today’s game was at 10AM. I watched most of it, up till Yoshi’s team fell behind by one run in the seventh inning with only one out, and then it was time to take Lilia to therapy (speech, physical, occupational). It takes about an hour to get to the therapy center from our house, so I figured it was over by the time we got there. One of the therapists checked the results on her cell phone and told me that Tokushima Kita High School had won with a score of 8-5. Hooray, hooray! The final game is tomorrow. Let’s reach for the dream everyone!

As a postscript to “American Boy”…

Today, after therapy, I told the doctor on call that we wouldn’t be around for awhile because I’m going back to America. I said, “Amerika ni kaeru.” Jio, who went along today, was very distressed by my words. I guess to him it sounded like I would be returning to my country for good. Jio doesn’t “go back” to America. He just goes. He doesn’t even want to live there, although he enjoys occasional visits. He said, “Don’t say ‘kaeru.’ Say ‘Amerika ni ikimasu.'” Okay, so next week we’re going to the United States.


One thought on “Baseball Diaries III

  1. how exciting! i was watching some fukuoka games on NHK yesterday. i really do enjoy watching the high school games, though i have no alma mater to cheer for…

    have a safe trip home!

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